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QBO Partners with the U.S. Embassy for this Year's BOOTQAMP: From Idea to Fruition

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Ready to get your idea up and running? QBO Innovation Hub and the U.S. Embassy are launching this year’s BOOTQAMP: From Idea to Fruition.

QBO Innovation Hub has partnered with the U.S. Embassy to bring entrepreneur’s ideas to reality with the third iteration of BOOTQAMP: From Idea to Fruition. At a time when customer needs are shifting, we see an urgent demand for innovation. According to the PwC 2020 Philippine Startup Survey: COVID-19 Edition, the pandemic has presented a number of new challenges to entrepreneurs. However the situation has also provided unique opportunities for businesses to pivot, with 49 percent of business owners saying they have started offering a new product or service, according to the survey. BOOTQAMP will help entrepreneurs develop their innovative ideas into viable business opportunities. 

During the online program 20 teams will be guided through the next steps in their startup journey, in presentation topics such as building a business model, understanding customers, implementing validation techniques, and communicating innovation effectively. During the five-week program they will gain valuable insight from their customers and mentors to turn their ideas into scalable businesses. 

“Supporting new approaches and innovation is especially important as we seek to meet the challenges posed by this pandemic. BOOTQAMP in particular targets idea stage innovators who are looking to bring their concepts out into the market for the first time,” said QBO Director, Katrina Rausa Chan. “By joining the BOOTQAMP in just five weeks aspiring Filipino founders are able to take tangible steps towards understanding their customers, achieving traction, and gaining some of the tools they need to continue developing their product and service concepts into actual businesses,” Chan added. 

Matt Keener, Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy emphasized, “The U.S. Embassy believes one of the best ways to strengthen commercial ties between our countries and build an inclusive and resilient Philippine economy is by supporting human capital development throughout the country, and empowering the Philippines’ brightest young minds to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. QBO has been a wonderful partner in these efforts, and we look forward to supporting a new set of talented entrepreneurs in this next run of BOOTQAMP.” 

“Joining BOOTQAMP made me realize how important it is to practice validation before embarking on any project. The program taught me techniques that can simply be done online, which is relevant now as we’re all stuck at home,” says MK Bertulfo of FHMoms, a startup that completed QBO’s first BOOTQAMP run. “Many startups would build an app or a platform the moment they think of a brilliant idea and all is good until they encounter issues. My tip for founders is to explore different ways you can validate your idea to make sure you’re not wasting your time, energy, and money. Don’t stop until you discover which technique suits your company,” she continued. 

“The slowdown brought about by this global pandemic has undoubtedly caused some apprehension among aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs at a time when innovation and new business is most needed to restart the economy. We believe programs like BOOTQAMP can help founders adapt to today’s challenges and set up their businesses as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. The bayanihan spirit embodied in QBO’s namesake is called for most in this time of crisis,” said Chan. 

BOOTQAMP will be delivered fully online, with learning sessions, workshops, feedback sessions, and allocated periods for the teams to run validation activities with potential customers. At the culminating showcase, select teams will win valuable resources to support their product or business launch. 

If you have a tech-driven idea that you want to turn into a viable business, sign up for BOOTQAMP! For more details visit


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