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Why I Interned at a Startup Incubator

By Ian Go, Intern for Partnerships

As an intern in QBO, I was able to learn more about several key aspects within the Philippine startup ecosystem. Not only was I able to gain a deeper understanding of the timeline and journeys of startups, but I was able to learn more about the specific players and systems inside the Philippine ecosystem through helping out in various events, attending networking sessions and taking part in multiple projects. Furthermore, I got to witness firsthand how an incubator functions as well as gain insight on the different facets required to create a successful startup incubator.

Why did you decide to join? What were your expectations before getting into the org?

I wanted to join QBO in order to gain first hand experience in working within the Philippine startup space. Since QBO has multiple departments aside from the typical startup development team, such as the partnerships and community engagement, I was excited to be able to gain an overview on the different sectors of the ecosystem.

What was your day to day like during the internship? What did you like the most about it?

I was mostly tasked with helping out the SIP (Strategies, Partnerships, and Investments) team with the partnership with Accenture and exploring the Metaverse startup scene within the Philippines. I also got the opportunity to work with the SD, CE and Admin teams on various events and projects such as the Ateneo BOOTQAMP, Arise Plus Ye! Boost Demo day and a DFA Startup event.

What was your favorite project during the internship and how did you contribute to its success?

My favorite project would be the Accenture Metaverse Project where I was given the opportunity to be able to work closely with their current employees and take a closer look at a specific portion in specific parts of the Philippine ecosystem. During the project, I was able to contribute by helping plan the Metaverse event and look to scout startups for our partners.

What did you learn from the internship experience that you can apply to your school-life?

From the internship, I was able to gain various insights on how a successful VC startup operates through working on projects, drafting up documents, and observing how the company operates. By applying these aspects to my orgs, activities and student life, I will be able to create a more sophisticated and efficient approach to organizing and multitasking. QBO has also helped me realize my passion for working in the startup ecosystem and has helped me in choosing what electives to focus on and what steps I must take moving forward in my career.

What’s the best takeaway? Would you recommend the internship to your peers?

The best takeaway from my experience in QBO is networking in various events and getting inspiration from successful people in the field. I would definitely recommend the internship to my peers as it is not only a great introduction to the Philippine Startup Ecosystem but also a source of personal growth.

Ian Go is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics at Northwestern University.


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