A Story of Bayanihan

The bahay kubo, or nipa hut, is one of the most recognizable icons of Filipino culture.

It’s a traditional one-room house made out of native materials and suited to the local needs and conditions of Filipino communities. To build and transport the bahay kubo requires the hard work, ingenuity, and collaboration of many.

QBO, just like the bahay kubo that inspired our name, is a modern space for Filipino startups and other players in our ecosystem to come together and flourish. The quirky twist on the name is derived from the Filipino digital transformation, where alongside the advent of cellphones and the internet also came the tendency to shorten or abbreviate words.

We were formed in 2016 when the public and private sectors came together and united their vision of Filipino startups changing the world.

Since then, our role has actively been about helping startups succeed, developing our ecosystem, and forwarding tech and innovation. We believe that unleashing the potential of an entrepreneurship-driven economy is a path to nation building, sustainable development, and inclusive growth.


Filipino Startups Changing the World



Creating a globally competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines through the dynamic collaboration of local entrepreneurs, talents, mentors, investors, and other stakeholders

  •  Rene "Butch" Meily 


  •  Katrina Chan 


  • Natasha Bautista

    Head of Operations

  • Karla Legaspi

    Program Lead,

    Startup Community

  • Carlo Yaptinchay

    Program Lead,

    Startup Community

  • Brittany Aguilar

    Program Associate,

    Startup Community

  • Danielle Arreza

    Program Associate,

    Startup Community

  • Rosstyn Fallorina

    Senior Program Lead,

    Ecosystem Development

  • Dave Del Rosario

    Senior Program Lead,

    Ecosystem Development

  • Jackielyn Isip

    Senior Program Associate,

    Ecosystem Development

  • Mariniell Clarete
    Program Associate,
    Ecosystem Development

  • Marella Rickets
    Content Associate

  • Margaux Javier

    Content Associate

  • River Jacob

    Creative Specialist

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