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Address your pain points and receive the resources you need

Why Join QBO?

We provide support to startups of any size, vertical, and development stage through several programs and services that are based off actual startup needs. Equip your business with the right resources, information, skills, and assistance to facilitate its growth.

All you need to do is join our QMMUNITY as a startup! Membership, programs, and services are all free.

  • Free membership, programs, and services

  • Stage agnostic and multi-sectoral

  • Vast local & international network

  • Access to latest startup news

  • Endless growth opportunities

  • VIP Mentorship

  • Regular networking events

  • Co-working space

  • Incubation program


Co-working space

12-22-18 QBO-20.jpg

Come to our headquarters that doubles as a co-working space! You can even reserve the whole space for startup-related events.


Specialized workshops


Find out about the latest tools and trends and receive actionable learnings on relevant topics such as branding, marketing, or fundraising in order to remain competitive


Investor pitch


Get the opportunity to pitch your ideas to top angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporations for a chance to get funded or secure partnerships.


Networking events


Listen to interesting speakers and meet other young, vibrant entrepreneurs or startup and tech enthusiasts at our regular networking events. 


Consultation services


Get expert advice on legal, financial, marketing, and design concerns from top professional firms as well as tips on government-related matters.


J.P. Morgan Incubation Program


Receive customized mentorship, training, networking, and market access opportunities through our J.P Morgan Incubation program that is offered to select startups.


Introductory classes


Learn the fundamentals of starting a startup, such as basic jargon and definitions, business model canvas, and validation techniques.


Feedback & mentorship sessions

DSC05218 (1).jpg

Receive insight on different aspects of your business through focus group discussions with peers and select mentors and industry leaders.


Customized Activities


If you need something more targeted, we also make customized programs for students, teachers, corporates, government, or any other organization interested in learning more about or how to adopt startup skills and a modern, entrepreneurial mindset.

View our upcoming events

Programs & Services

All our programs and services are exclusive to startup members of our QMMUNITY. Membership is free so sign up with us so we can help move your ideas forward! 


Is my business a startup?

While there’s no strict definition of a startup, QBO follows a general framework:

A startup is....

  1. Tech-enabled and scalable

  2. Uses a new or unique business model

  3. Has at least a working prototype or minimum viable product (“MVP”)

If you still aren’t sure what we mean by this, watch this video!

How do I join QBO?

If you have a startup, all you need to do is sign up to QBO as a startup and we’ll schedule an interview with you to get to know your business. We’ll update you on the status of your application after a few days via email!

I don't have a startup, can I still join QBO?

Yes! You can join as a regular member. Regular members can freely attend QBO’s QLITAN and BASIQS classes and are automatically subscribed to the newsletter for all the latest news and opportunities.


Not a QBO Startup yet?

Sign up now!

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