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QLITAN: #WalangIwanan - Father’s Day E-numan


We have a role to play. All of us should rally to get the gaps in our ecosystem taken care of. “ - Paul Pajo 

Watch the clip for more tips from the founding fathers of the PH startup community.


QLITAN: Smart Cities vs. COVID-19


Find out how cities can leverage tech in fighting the pandemic and in building more efficient and resilient cities.


QLITAN: Pivot not Panic

In the fight for survival, some startups have pivoted their business models to adapt to the shifting needs of consumers.


QLITAN: The Future of Business - Launching a Flexible Workspace


Explore the emerging norms in workplace design post-COVID-19 and how flexible workspaces fit into the solution.


QLITAN: Mind the Gap Bridging the Needs of PH Startups During COVID-19 Crisis


Better understand the PwC Startup Report: COVID-19 Edition—its impact, concerns, and implications to PH startups.


QLITAN: Startup Survival Guide - Adapting to the New Norm


Learn how the pandemic has shifted business norms and how businesses can continue to thrive in the uncertainty.


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