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Opportunities in a Pandemic: Shaping the world through technology and innovation

As catalysts for innovation and technological advancements, startups have long emerged as an important driver of economic growth and competitiveness, providing outsized contributions to the digital economy. This fact remains true amid the COVID-19 pandemic as startups continue to be key players in containing the spread of the virus while providing crucial support towards helping governments and businesses make a shift towards a digital-first approach.

COVID-19 has brought countries across the globe to its knees—however, as the adage goes, every problem is an opportunity in disguise. More and more techpreneurs are now stepping up to the challenge as they develop relevant, timely solutions to solve prevalent problems of their communities. With ingenious technology proven to be instrumental in battling against COVID-19, startups are accelerating digital capabilities and filling the innovation gap in telemedicine, remote work, contact tracing, online education, food and grocery deliveries, among other critical sectors.  

Seizing today’s technology transformation opportunities  

Do you have a great technology business idea, but no background in programming? Finding the hackers and coders for your startup team is one of the challenges a non-technical startup has to face in the early stages of creating a startup. In a business that runs on code, hackers and coders certainly rule. Without innovative and talented people on your team, building a good product or service becomes impossible.

During our QLITAN: Cracking the Code - How to Find Hackers and Coders last September 22, technology expert James Florentino, CEO of Warpgate Ventures, highlighted how passion and long-term vision are the keys to attracting the right people to work with you rather than against you.

“If you have a strong reason, passion, and drive, people would rather work with you than copy you. Especially if they know that you have a long-term vision of where you want to go,” James Florentino shared. 

Similarly, Francis Simisim, COO of Warpgate Ventures, strongly believes that it is essential for techpreneurs to pitch and not be afraid to share their creative ideas, no matter how crazy they may sound.

According to Francis Simisim, “Telling them about your ideas is what makes a difference. You shouldn’t be worried, you should be pitching. When you start sharing your ideas, you will attract people who will share the same values, ideas, and thoughts as you, and that’s how you can form a good team.”

Lastly, Shumate Royo, Managing Director of DevCon Philippines, also shared another fundamental advice as she underscored the importance of hiring passionate hackers and coders with a growth mindset.

“Make sure that the talent you hire has a teachable mindset. I’ve been collaborating with developers for over 7 years now and I’ve realized that devs are lifelong learners. They have to continuously learn new languages to adapt and grow,” Shumate Royo shared. 

Missed our QLITAN: Cracking the Code - How to Find Hackers and Coders last September 22? Watch it on-demand here:

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