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5 Reasons to Attend Philippine Startup Week 2021

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

In the fast-paced world of startups, the Philippines has finally set itself up as the one ecosystem to watch in Southeast Asia.

The local startup ecosystem is on the rise and has been experiencing exponential growth over the past 3 years, with more government regulations in place to support the creation of more startups in the country. As Filipinos experienced the longest lockdown in the world and stayed at home more than any other country, the pandemic year amplified the digital acceleration of the Philippines—more businesses turned to online platforms as consumers continued to lengthen their screen time.

Startups are thriving now more than ever before, and here’s your chance to join in on the fun as the country’s largest startup conference is set to hit the virtual stage in just a few weeks time.

What’s next? This is the question that the theme of this year’s Philippine Startup Week 2021, ​​”Beyond Recovery: Filipino Startups Redefining Opportunity,” aims to answer. As the country slowly eases out of the survival mode brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the long-term goals and plans that are taking in the Philippine startup ecosystem? How are innovators shifting to a more future-forward mindset? We’ll find out as the week-long activity unfolds from November 15-19, 2021 on the Philippine Startup Week 2021 online platform.

Registration is free and with your ticket, you get full-access to the week-long conference— but what exactly is in store for you and why should you sign-up? Keep reading to find out.

1. Learn about the Philippine startup ecosystem!

The country’s startup ecosystem may be young, but it’s definitely thriving! 2020 has only proven just how much grit and resilience there is within the community. It’s no secret that the pandemic year forced many founders and teams out of their comfort zones to come up with creative solutions to address the issues in their sectors quickly and effectively. You can learn more about their stories and the challenges they overcame in the pursuit of innovation by attending the different events we have lined-up for Philippine Startup Week 2021.

2. Meet the Top 100 Startups in the country today.

Get to know the names and faces behind the leading startups in the Philippines! Each day, the founders of these startups will deliver a pitch to introduce their brand and talk a bit about their vision as a company. These pitches are meant to inspire and excite those who are looking to create their own business—it may even be the nudge you need to get your idea off the ground!

3. Explore the Job Fair.

Job hunting can be an immensely intimidating and grueling process to undertake— especially during a pandemic. But we’re trying to make it less taxing in the digital space. Much like the job fairs in the pre-COVID era, there will be several booths to visit and tour around during the duration of the week-long conference. Make sure to drop by—you may even earn points that lead to prizes at the end of the week!

4. Attend Networking Sessions

Everyone is welcome to attend the networking events that are taking place throughout the week. There’s no need to be a startup founder or even a member of a startup to join. The networking sessions were created as a safe space to encourage participants to share their ideas about all things related to the Philippine startup ecosystem. Whether it’s the latest industry trend or advice on a product, you’re invited to come as you are!

5. Discover something new!

With over 50 community events to choose from, you’re sure to find a topic that piques your interest—regardless of how niche it may be.

Here’s a look at some of the events you’ll find during Philippine Startup Week 2021!

💪🏼 LEADERSHIP: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders faced a troubling new challenge, one that extended beyond prioritizing projects for business continuity. Amid all this uncertainty, prioritizing employee health and wellbeing has become a top priority. Find out the role that empathy plays in creating a stabler, kinder, and more efficient workplace and what steps leaders can take to integrate empathy into their work lives.

🩺 HEALTHCARE: The digital age is changing the face of healthcare. These days, basic diagnoses can be given through teleconsultations and health services are easily available through the aid of apps and websites. Learn about the role that startups play in innovating the healthcare system in the Philippines today.

📚 EDUCATION: With the abrupt shift to off-site learning, school administrators, faculty, and students were left without much support to handle the massive change in routines. Learn about the homegrown startups that quickly came together to find long-lasting solutions and innovations to help assist in navigating online schooling.

Challenge yourself to learn something new at each event you attend and by the end of the week you’ll have an even deeper appreciation for the local startup ecosystem! Maybe you’ll even find a job, meet new business contacts, or find partners for your project.

Don’t miss out on your chance to attend the country’s largest startup conference! Register now and get your free tickets here.


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